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You're so close to hearing our bangers. The links on the right will take you to your platform of choice or you can just scroll down and stream from right here.

If you really want to show your love you can buy the physical CDs with the lovely artwork below too. We're really proud of them.

To give you a little history. Etched in Rust was our first EP back when we were a lowly three-piece band. We made it at Toe Rag Studios in Hackney. It's where The White Stripes recorded "Elephant". There's a Grammy in the control room ominously looking over you while you're working whispering "There's no excuse for making shit in hear". Toe Rag is one of the few remaining all analogue recording studios. It's the closest thing to a live gig on a CD you get.

Then there's The Year of the Rat. Recorded at Puzzle Factory Studios in Tottenham this was the polar opposite in terms of approach. Where the first EP was all about capturing a moment, The Year of the Rat is an ambitious attempt to throw absolutely everything at a 5 track EP. It's cinematic in scope with string and horn sections galore. Songwriters are always told Less is More. The Year of the Rat is sticking 2 fingers up to that piece of obviously false nonsense. MORE IS MORE, that's just Maths! Rat Vs Mole had over 150 individual audio tracks, which frankly is a bit silly but My God It Sounds BIG!

Whether you're streaming or buying a CD we're just happy you're here, sharing in our adventure, blasting our tunes and being the sort of cool AF MF's who go finding little DIY indie bands and getting lost in the Joy that that brings. Stay Awesome, when you're done checking us out I also highly recommend searching out, The Ha'pennies, The Ology'sIzzie Yardley and Gaffa Tape Sandy. All Amazing in very different ways. enjoy :)










Both EPs, All the singles and some Bootlegs

The Amber Bugs

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For a limited time Buy both our EPs on CD and we will also send you all our singles and whole bunch of unreleased demos and acoustic versions of songs that are never going to be released released anywhere else.

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