Recorded to 8 track tape at Toe Rag Studios, London

Engineered by Luke Oldfield
mixed by Ben Kelly


There's a bird on a branch
A man on a wire
there's a reoccurring chance
the whole world could expire
and there's this girl with a suitcase
and her head in the clouds
when she looks at that bird she thinks
what's keeping him down
you know if I had those wings
I'd be flying all day
what use is this suitcase
if I can't get away
and then she looks in the mirror
and says My God that's Me
It's time that I was free

The man on the wire
he is skilled and he is brave
he knows the critical cost
of a minute mistake
he goes forwards and backwards
not side to side
but in that single dimension he is so alive
and he takes that perspective
through his whole enlightened day
he is free and he is saved

Then the bird in the branch is looking down at the girl
and from his high up position he is king of the world
On that dark winters night when it's cold in his tree
he doesn't look through her window and say
I wish that was me
He knows that freedom's not real
it's just a way to feel
maturity's for cheese
and life's a ferris wheel
so to answer the question that is poised on her lips
He's happy where he is
He's happy where he is