Recorded to 8 track tape at Toe Rag Studios, London

Engineered by Luke Oldfield
mixed by Ben Kelly


I can't put a name to your face
I know I've met you twice before
but you can't have been that interesting
So I'll just be like alright mate
what's been happening?

This is my last fucking day
This is my last fucking day

I've been reading about conspiracies
it's an echo box but some stand up to scrutiny
Like private banks creating our currency as debt
and debt equals slavery

A business cycle made with intent
a mass transfer of wealth to the top one percent
and it's our own compliance that keeps us enslaved
just a little defiance would sure make a change
If we all stand together they can't make us pay
stand with me I'm ready to say

This is my last fucking Day
This is my last fucking Day

cos here's what pisses me off
I work in an office four days a week
and some people have the cheeck to say
that because it's four and not five
I'm not doing my bit for being alive
I'm not pulling my weight
they come right out and say it
I don't live in the real world

The real world they must hypothesise
is at the end of a phone
or can be seen through a screen of a certain size
where you talk to clients about all their woes
where you total columns and read of rows
I mean seriously my good fellows
equals sum open brackets Fuck Off
or at least wake up
start looking around start questioning stuff
you're young, beautiful and physically able
occassionally happy and borderline stable
and you're selling it all and for what?
a half decent flat, two weeks somewhere hot just stop.

This ain't just an idealistic rant
and it ain't that you'd like to but you can't
this is a genuine chance to stop
to stop and think about this one

We are the great great grandchildren of the industrial revolution
We have masterful solutions for all means of production
so much so we can't keep up with consumption
We're in a world where abundance and poverty live side by side
because our God is money and by his rules we must obide
but it's all lies

Whether you think you put here by some deity or a fluke clumping of matter the way I see it is existence is fucking spectacular.
To waste it on the mundane is inane and excuse my vernacular but Cunt

Your boss is a cunt
his boss is a cunt
it's cunts all the way up
have you seen Donald Trump

The real world isn't a place where you're employed
it's in here and it's being enjoyed
it's out there and it's being destroyed
it's your love, It's your laughs
and it's when you're annoyed about real things.

A thobbing erection over a cashflow projection
A years of tension for a half decent pension aren't gonna bring you the things that you want

Take time, breathe, read philosophy
don't wait til you're 65 to be free
come with me don't delay, don't pay, just say

This is my Last Fucking Day
This is my Last Fucking Day