The Amber Bugs


Do you ever get that thing where someone asks you a deeply personal question like, "so... what do you do?" and you're supposed to answer with your job title or some other pithy one-liner that does little to describe the rich tapestry of what makes you, you?

We get that, you're a complex three-dimensional human being who can't be defined so quickly and you're all the more interesting for it.

We're a bit like that too..Is emo-indie-swing-ska-punk a genre? if it is then I guess we're that.. sometimes, except when we don't feel like it and want to do Jazz or Beat Poetry or something.

Right now we're working our butts off finishing two EPs. While our back catalogue can be found on spotify, apple music et al. We've decided to give you more than those platforms offer with these EPs. They will be released exclussively to our mailing list, For FREE! You'll get all 10 tracks plus deep dives with interviews, behind the scenes studio diaries and interviews with other bands about their music and ours. Sign up below, you might just love it

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